To stay competitive businesses have to have an online presence. But if you aren’t web savvy, navigating all the ins and outs of creating a website can be confusing. How do you choose a domain name? What must you do to maintain it? And what happens if your domain name expires?

1. Choose a registrar with good customer service.
Small businesses might not have their own IT departments and need help getting their sites up and running smoothly.

2. Be aware of others’ trademark rights.
Businesses should be careful when selecting a domain name not to use another business’ trademark. 

3. Consider an alternative domain extension. 
A .com domain name extension is the default setting for business sites, just like .org is linked to charities and non-profits. The .com space is crowded, and a business owner may have to add additional terms to the domain like the city or type of business to find a name that hasn’t already been taken.

Lindsay LaVine